Thursday, December 1, 2011

When Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Beauty is only skin deep. An old saying, one that is heard less nowadays than in the past. But shouldn't a more accurate phrase be, "Beauty is more than skin deep?" My mother was the most beautiful woman I have ever met.

She was beautiful at the age of 18, and equally as beautiful, at least in my eyes, at the age of 80. Her smile had a sweetness that could melt my heart and was matched only by her sweetness of spirit.

Today is the birthday of a young woman whom I met when she about one year old. She has had a fascinating, and at times, difficult life. She was a beautiful child and remains a beautiful young woman. She too has that sweetness of spirit that age will never be able to conquer. 

She is an artist who paints beautiful memories for women; She paints their wedding gowns. Her inspiration came following a 5 story fall from her fire escape in 2004. The following is an excerpt from her website,

Ever since the accident, beauty helps. It has become so important because beauty possesses an ability to heal. It just speaks something to my heart that I need to hear, to feel, to know. Beauty reaches inside and touches the surfaces of desires so deep that we dare not speak of them. Beauty in its purest and truest form makes our hearts ache, numbs our minds, and makes the whole world stand perfectly still, even if just for that one moment. Beauty cannot be contained and our hearts long for its freedom, a moment of sweet ecstasy from the hardships of our broken lives. Beauty speaks to the truth hidden deep inside each of our hearts. We were made for this, to be made whole through its perfection. The universal desire and longing for beauty exists because beauty is a reflection of God. I believe this longing for beauty is actually our hearts yearning to be united with Christ in his radiant beauty. When we encounter beauty as a bride ready for her groom, or watching a sunset, or walking on the beach, or being in the mountains, or watching the snow fall, or even simply admiring a daisy after a really tough day; each time we experience a bit of beauty it is like getting a glimpse of heaven and our hearts recognize that they are home.

In addition, Stephanie has started a foundation to aid victims of the sex trafficking industry. The Stephanie London Foundation exists to raise both monies and public awareness of this very troubling issue.

What a truly beautiful way to celebrate a birthday.

Blessings ~Marla