Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Maxine's Homemade Noodles

Last week we started a new family tradition. We had a noodle making day! A few of the women in our family got together for a day of floured fun and made noodles from a recipe that was my mother's. Of course my mom never actually wrote down a recipe...she learned from her mother and her grandmother Mary Ann. I actually wrote the recipe down the last time I made noodles with my mom. 

Making noodles with Grandma was something that both my daughter and my niece got a chance to do when they were younger. The memories in the kitchen last week were wonderful. Mom has been gone for 7 years now, but it seemed she was there with us as we clumsily tried to mimic her skills. Enjoy the recipe and the pictures...we had a great time! (A big thanks to my niece who isn't in these pics, because she was busy taking them!)

Maxine's Homemade Noodles

3 cups flour
3 eggs

Flour a large working surface very generously...a counter or table, covered with tea towels or pastry cloths, works fine. 

In a large mixing bowl scoop in the flour and form a well.

In a small mixing bowl add 3 eggs, reserving an egg shell. Using half an egg shell, measure in a half shell of milk for each egg used.

Whisk together eggs and milk and salt and pepper as desired...I am fairly generous with the salt and pepper as it will be mixed into the flour. Pour this mixture into the flour well.

Using a fork begin stirring egg mixture allowing flour to be slowly pulled in from the sides of the well.

As the dough thickens into a ball, use your hands to work the flour in until the dough is fairly stiff. Don't worry about any leftover flour in the bowl...save it for later. Place on floured surface and roll with a well floured rolling pin.

Using rolling pins, roll dough until very thin. No points for presentation here! Just make sure it is very thin and very well floured. This is where that leftover flour comes in handy...sprinkle it on the dough as needed during rolling.

Roll well floured dough into a tube and let dry for at least 15 minutes.

 We took a lunch break while our dough dried. 

We made a lot of batches!

Time to cut the noodles! Cut them a little thinner than you want them...they will expand during cooking. You can cut them on a diagonal for shorter noodles, or straight for longer ones. 

As you cut them place in a bowl. Make sure you unwind the noodles and flour them well. All this flour is a great thickening agent when you are ready to cook them.

 We were saving ours for the holidays, so into plastic bags they went. They can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days or in the freezer for a few months. No need to thaw before cooking if frozen.

A 3 egg batch will serve 4-6 people. They can be cooked in broth, stock or water. Simply drop into boiling liquid slowly, stirring as you had the noodles. Cook until tender. Add leftover flour from bag to thicken. 

Bon appeit! ~Marla

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  1. This is exactly how my Mom made hers. She was the town noodle maker. At every Woman's Club, Woman's church circle, and senior pot luck it was Mom's responsible to bring the noodles. She use to give demonstrations at Home Demonstration Units on how to make them. My daughter feels it isn't a Holiday Dinner with out Grandma's noodles. I have taken over the family tradition of making them but no matter how hard I try, mine never tastes as good as Mom's. I ask her once what she was hiding from the recipe. She would tell me I just needed a little more LOVE in mine. I ask her where she bought her LOVE that made her noodles so good. She said she got hers fresh from God every morning and it came at a price but she had good credit. Miss you MOM.