Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Hot Dog Sandwich a la Tiffany

I thought I would share a Tasty Tuesday from a college student’s perspective! My niece has a blog where she shares her many adventures as a busy co-ed. She is an amazing young woman who loves people and travel. Her blog is a lot of fun to read, and her travel posts are amazing! I can’t really comment on her cooking skills, but when I saw this post I just knew I had to share it. And yes, I have Tiffany’s permission. So check out her recipe and then click the link at the end to visit her blog. Thanks Tiffany!

How to Make a Hot Dog Sandwich
Due to apparent discrepancies regarding this culinary masterpiece, I have decided to dedicate this post to the proper composition of what is colloquially referred to as the “hot dog sandwich.” Hopefully all those poor souls out there struggling to find their place in the kitchen can use this guide to aid them in the pursuit of deliciousness. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.
You will need:
-two hot dogs
-two slices of bread
-slice of cheese

Step 1: Cut each hot dog lengthwise and warm in microwave. I generally heat mine for about 30 seconds. They will be heated again in a later step, but this way they’re on the same temperature track as the rest of the ingredients. I also put mayonnaise on the bottom slice of bread now. The Z design is preferred but not mandatory….if you don’t have a squeeze bottle then you’ll probably have to break out the knife at this point.

Step 2: Align the heated hot dogs on the bottom slice of bread as shown, flat side down. Make sure they are evenly spaced so that the cheese can properly melt between the hot dogs. If you are using individually-wrapped cheese, unwrap it now.

Step 3:  Place cheese on top of the hot dogs and place the entire creation on a plate. Microwave for approximately 30 seconds, or until cheese has melted. Remove from microwave.

Step 4: This is what the inside of your sandwich should look like. Add the top slice of bread and cut the sandwich in half diagonally from corner to corner. Optional: You could add more mayo to the top slice of bread if you’re a big condiment fan.

TA-DA! The final product. Hope you have a rewarding sandwich-making experience! I assure you that the consumption part will be life-changing. :)
Popular variations include toasting the bread or dicing the hot dogs.
Hope you enjoy Tiffany's sandwich, and her blog! ~Marla.~

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