Thursday, April 11, 2013

From Candy Dish to Jewelry Holder

Just a fun little post today to show off my latest vintage find! I found this beautiful vintage candy dish on a swap site I frequent. I admit it was an impulse buy…but at $10 I just had to splurge a little. Once I got it home, finding a place for it became a challenge. I did have some room in the master bedroom…but did I really need a candy dish in there? Well, yes in fact I did…once it found a new life as a jewelry holder!

I love dangly earrings, but they don’t fit so well in my main jewelry armoire. I also have a few watches and bracelets I like to have out in the open and easy to grab and put on. My newest treasure works perfectly as a holder for these! Love it!

On a side note…the beautiful yellow earrings and bracelet were made by one of my Prayer Warrior buddy’s. Check out her online store at DeSignsByDarce!



  1. Thank you Marla! ♥ I love the vintage candy dish. That is very creative and a great idea!
    Darci B.

  2. Great idea for the candy dish. I have the same one collecting dust in a closet that now will have a new home. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow Marla! What a great idea. I love your blog, it's beautiful and uplifting. I appreciate you being transparent. Peace and blessings to you and yours.I hope to have a blog as beautiful as yours one day, you inspire me.

    Peace and blessings,