Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas in January?

If I could change only one thing about our calender, it would be the moving of Christmas to January 25th. Think about the plus side of this idea:

  1. Fall favorite...could remain out a month longer.
  2. Christmas decorations...if you prefer...could remain out a month longer.
  3. The likelihood of a white snowy Christmas is greater in most areas in the month of January.
  4. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) would be easier to manage with less winter letdown time. Spring would be just around the corner!
  5. An extra month of good children awaiting Santa.
  6. Maybe retailers would wait until after Halloween to start their Christmas ads...yeah, that probably wouldn't happen.
  7. All the people born around December 25th would get a well deserved break from those dual "Birthday/Christmas" presents.
  8. God wouldn't is very unlikely that Jesus was born in the month of December...September is a better guess.
  9. The early church began using December 25th because it coincided with a pagan holiday Saturnalia...I say we give them their holiday back!
  10. I need more time to get ready!!!
Well there you have it, my very persuasive argument for moving Christmas to January...anyone with me?


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