Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Countdown

Today was the day. The day all the grocery ads came out for the week before Thanksgiving. This is always a big day for me. It is the closest I come to extreme grocery shopping. The coupons are clipped and ready and my grocery list is made. I spent today planning...who has the best deal on turkey, butter, pumpkin, celery...and whatever else I need for the big day. I have my game plan ready and tomorrow I shop!

It seems a little funny until I think about how much money goes into this one meal. Every penny does count! To me this is much preferable to black Friday shopping...for one thing, I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn. Also, though the grocery stores are a little busier this time of year, I rarely have to stand in a long line for check-out. 

I am not sure at what point Thanksgiving overtook Christmas as my favorite holiday, but it has been for at least 10 years. Less stress, less decorating. More relaxed, more tradition. Not to mention there is no post holiday letdown.

A time to reflect and eat the same foods I did as a child. A time to be thankful that I am able to buy, cook, and host my family for this very traditional meal. So begins one of my favorite weeks of the year.



  1. Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and family time!!

  2. Enjoy the thanksgiving feast! Have a good time.