Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Shot Heard 'Round Wichita

Today the announcement was made...Boeing Wichita is closing its hangar doors by the end of 2013. While hardly a complete surprise, it is still a blow for the 2,100 current employees and their families, our own included. Unfortunately it will likely impact others in the area as well. Increased unemployment and families moving out of the metropolitan area is a likely scenario.

So where do we stand in this? Well, our future is uncertain. The only certainty is that things will not remain the same. The programs that my husband works on are to be moved to either San Antonio, Texas, or Oklahoma City. His main priority is continuing his employment with Boeing, regardless of where that may be. Continued employment is not a guarantee, so prayers would be greatly appreciated.

If he is transferred with a program to Oklahoma City, he would likely commute back here on the weekends. If the destination is San Antonio then obviously we would both move. If he is not chosen to go with a program then he will seek another position within Boeing, regardless of the location. Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas, Virginia, etc. All would be a possibility and entail selling our home here and moving. As a last resort he would seek employment outside the Boeing Company.

At this point it is likely these changes will occur for us by September 2012. In the meantime prayers are coveted and encouraging words are appreciated. If you find yourself in Derby feel free to stop by and grab a slow painting project needs to be stepped up a notch!


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