Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Travels: Grandeur of the Seas, Costa Maya, Mexico part 2

As I mentioned in my last travel blog, our family split up in the port of Costa Maya. While four of us discovered the rich Mayan history around DD and DSIL became beach bums for a day! While I wouldn't trade our Mayan experience for the world, I do think the next time I am in Costa Maya that beach experience will be calling my name.

Majahual (pronounced Ma-ha-wall) is a small coastal village about 2 miles south of the fancy new port of Costa Maya. There are some who complain that you have to travel to get to the beach...and the village is a fishing village and rather poor...but it is worth it!

My DD and DSIL spent the day at a beach club. I had done extensive research for them on the best choice and recommended Pez Quadro. I must have done well, because they returned happy and relaxed, with a glowing report of the establishment.

Now be warned, these are not the kind of beach clubs you will find somewhere like Cancun. This a small village, not a renowned resort least not yet. None the less, they had a wonderful time. 

A package was purchased for $35 per person that included lounge chairs, an umbrella or palapa, nachos, and an open bar for the entire day. They certainly got their moneys worth, and DD managed to snag a massage on the beach as well.

Though I only stepped on to the beach for a few minutes that day, I can report the following per my kids...

  • the beach was clean
  • the sand was white

  • the service was excellent
  • the drinks were wonderful
  • the food was good

  • the area was not overcrowded
  • the dancers/singers from the ship hung out there

  • the water was clear
  • there is a great view of the ships

  • you can buy from local vendors
  • you can buy great cigars

  • the bathrooms/showers are clean and quite nice

  • they have really cute menus

Really a great way to spend a relaxing day in port in a still fairly unspoiled area. Enjoy it before the big hotels move in!

Bon Voyage ~Marla


  1. I am going to have to look up Costa Maya on the map. It might be a fun place for us to drive to!

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