Friday, July 6, 2012

This Old House

After months of sprucing up, it is ready. Our house goes on the market next week. When we first moved here 11 years ago, it was out of necessity, not desire. We were content in the quad level we called home. We had lived there for 8 years, our children's elementary years were spent in the house with the beautiful sunroom, nice deck, and a yard big enough to play soccer in. The soaring vaulted ceiling in the sunroom had held huge hand chopped Christmas trees, and multiple party's had been held there. It was hard to leave that house with so many good memories inside.

Our move was short, less than one mile away. The house was large and rambling compared to our compact quad. A ranch style home with a finished basement sitting on a quiet cul-de-sac. Our belongings could not begin to fill the home...but we were not moving alone. My mother was coming to live with us, and that was the reason for the move. We needed a larger home, and a ranch style instead of a quad with multiple levels. We were looking for a house with two living areas on the main level, and it was the only house for sale in our town that fit that criteria.

The house needed some TLC, but was certainly large enough. My mother had her own areas, and that was important. She had her own living room, the master bedroom and bath, and even a guest room. Because the home was so large we still had our own living area, bedroom and bath upstairs, as well as a full bath, bedroom, and family room in the basement. There was also a very large game room downstairs that became our sons bedroom. 

Mom did not stay with us long in the house before her health deteriorated further and she needed 24/7 assistance. The assisted living was only 3 blocks away, so visits were frequent and included visits from our dog. Mom loved to show her off to the other residents, putting her through her repertoire of tricks, the favorite being the command "Bang", to which she would promptly fall to her back.

Somehow over the years, we managed to keep the house full, even as our children grew up and moved out. My most precious memories are in this house. Memories of my children decked out for prom. My son celebrating his high school football career at a surprise party in his honor. My daughter and her new husband opening wedding gifts with both families gathered round. My mother making soup at the stove.

 This old house has been very special to us, and as we prepare to let it go...I say...thanks for the memories old friend.


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