Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Addicted to Amazon

Many years ago, when I was caring for my mother, I thought how nice a shopping service would be. I basically was her shopping service. She could no longer drive, so I took her to the grocery store at least once a week. If she needed things during the week, I would pick those up for her. Other family members offered to take her, but rarely did those offers come to fruition. Instead it was a weekly trek to the store. Mom was slow and liked to browse, it made for a long trip, but really I enjoyed it. I did not enjoy unloading it and putting it away. Now I find myself in a similar predicament. I mostly go with my husband and he patiently waits as I slowly make my way around the store. He unloads at home without my help and helps me put things away. If I need something during the week, he is the one to go get it. But, on the plus side, I have found the perfect shopping

They sell groceries! Along with lots of other goodies of course. I have started ordering from them on a fairly regular basis. Today my order was Clamato Juice and K Cups. I love Clamato Juice and it difficult to find at grocery standby...and it is cheaper to buy it in bulk on Amazon. In fact, based on the prices for bulk items on Amazon, I would say they are giving Sams Club & Costco a run for their money. The huge plus for me is I can order from my recliner and have it delivered free to my home. Forget Sams Club...this rocks!! Anyone else a Amazon convert?


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