Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Luciano's

I admit I have been slacking off a bit. With the wedding less than three weeks away and a few home improvement projects demanding my attention, I have been a little behind in my posts. I hope to do better, but to that end I am going to take the liberty of using a few short cuts to keep my number of posts up but my time spent on them down. By October I hope to have a little more free time again!

Today I wanted to highlight a local restaurant; Luciano's Restaurant in Mulvane, Kansas. Luciano's is a delightful, delicious Italian restaurant in an unlikely setting. If you want to experience authentic Tuscan food, this is the place to go. In all honesty it is the best Italian food I have ever eaten. Disclaimer...I have never been to Italy...I'm sure it is just as good there! 
The story of how this small Kansas town became the home of such a wonderful eatery is really quite romantic. The following excerpt is from Luciano's website.

Luciano Mottola was born in Italy and grew up in Viareggio with his 6 brothers and sisters.  After meeting the love of his life, he made the decision to follow her back to the USA in 2003.

While traveling to places in Colorado, Montana, Kansas & California, Luciano selected
Mulvane as his place to begin again.
The wheat fields and sunflowers reminded him of his home in Tuscany - a place where value is based on quality instead of quantity and simple beauty and elegance are a part of everyday life.

Luciano's features wonderful fresh Italian fare at a reasonable price. The setting is intimate and very pleasant. If you live in the Wichita area it is well worth the drive to try this little gem.

Bon app├ętit ~Marla

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