Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Exhaustion

As of today we are officially off the wedding train. The tuxes and linens are returned and life is beginning to resemble a sort of normalcy. To all those who helped out during the last week...a HUGE thank you!! You helped make a beautiful, memorable day for my son and his bride. 

We enjoyed seeing family and friends, though I am beginning to understand cultures that make wedding celebrations a three day event...there is simply not enough time to visit with everyone at American weddings!

To all those who commented on how much you have enjoyed my blog, thank you so much. I gain so much from writing it, I am happy to hear others can find something worthwhile in my pouring out of my soul. I am very much looking forward to concentrating on it once again!

Thank you to those who inquired about my back...the Prednisone burst worked like magic and I have enjoyed the respite from pain very much! I wish I could stay on it forever, but I am very grateful my doctor was willing to assist me in really being able to enjoy this weekend. There is nothing better than dancing with your son at his wedding! 

Thank you for all your support. I have added a few pictures of the event to share with you. ~Marla

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