Monday, July 11, 2011

Organization is the Key!

Or at least I am hoping it is! I just spent three straight hours organizing my pantry! In my defense I will mention that my pantry is actually a small 6x6 room. It houses not only food, but all my small appliances, carpet cleaner, mops, brooms, etc. So this was not a small task. I took my label maker in with me and went crazy. I found things I had forgotten I owned, things I have not used once in the ten years I have lived in this house. Those are going to goodwill. I found four containers of bread crumbs...that seemed a bit excessive to me, perhaps I will hold off on buying anymore for awhile ;)

(OK, small disclaimer....this is not a pic of my pantry....mine is nowhere near this empty!)

This is all part of my belief that becoming more organized can help me save money in the long run. I did the same fun thing with my large upright freezer that had been sitting in the garage unused for the past few years. It is now freshly cleaned and in the basement with cute little baskets in it that have tags denoting what hides inside. A dry erase board on the door helps me keep track of the meats I have inside. This way I can buy in bulk during sales! Great ideas, right? I have discovered the joy of freezing things like butter, blueberries, and even fresh herb ice cubes! I can see the savings adding up! Maybe.

The problem for me is in the follow through. I can organize like a pro! It is sticking with it that is the problem. All it takes is a few times of being in too much of a hurry, or dare I say it, too lazy, to put items away properly. The next thing I know the pantry is regurgitating out into my laundry room and the freezer is an iced over tomb of unknown foods. I glance in, shut the door, and suggest eating out. 

This time I have promised myself to reign in my ADD and keep on the task set before me. I am helped in this mission by my supportive husband and children (biological & in law) who have openly scoffed at my ability to stay organized. I am now more motivated than ever to prove them all wrong! I can conquer my disorganization! I am woman, hear me roar!!

.....But prayers for this endeavor are appreciated ;)



  1. You sound like me. I can organize with the best of them, but keeping it that way is a problem! I thought it would get better when my kids grow, you have me worried. HA!

  2. Hahaha! It is a lifelong affliction Shannon! My family simply humors me!