Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Clean or Not to Clean?

I know the answer...I must clean. Now comes the hard part...finding the motivation to do so. I hate housework. With a passion. Even growing up I knew Samantha had a good thing going and was too stupid to know it. Come on, who in their right mind is going to push around a vacuum when all they have to do is twitch their nose and the vacuum will run itself? Magic was totally wasted on her! As a sit here and survey the mess I must conquer, I am fairly certain that neither of the Darrin's was worth her sacrifice. I am sure my husband wouldn't care how the house was cleaned, especially if I wasn't asking him to help!

But Samantha doesn't live here, nor does Martha (as in Stewart), so I will have the joy of doing this work on my own. Though I do think a cool suction system from my bedroom to the laundry room would increase the value of my home significantly. Instead I will pop in an audio book and start the dreaded chores. Huh! Samantha...what a waste of a good witch!


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