Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Marked up Bible

I have been blessed with meeting some wonderful Christian women where I volunteer. Some have been through unimaginable struggles in their lives, but God has used those to grow them into loving, giving people. Any one of them could be an inspiration to others. I am truly humbled to know them. One woman in particular has a gift of reaching into God's Word and sharing those words in a way that really makes one aware of His glory. She leads a short devotion before we leave to serve, and it never fails to lift me up.

A fascinating thing I noticed during my first devotion with this group, was her Bible. I have never seen a more marked up Bible in my life! Different colors of highlights, areas underlined in different colors, circled, bracketed and notes to the side. It is amazing to see! Yes, I mark my own Bible...but it is more the occasional scripture...though James does appear a little more marked up than the other books. James...that is telling, isn't it?  I began to realize the difference lies in how we read and study God's Word. She is digging deep, looking at how each passage relates to her life, how she can incorporate His Message into her everyday walk. I, on the other hand, am skimming the surface, latching onto verses that are easy to understand and apply to my particular situation. Verses I can easily bring to mind and find quickly as I scan through my Bible.

My way of using my Bible is fine...for a newer Christian. But I am over 34 years old in my Christian walk. And this is as far as I have come? It has been a wake up call for me. No, you do not have to have a marked up Bible to be a mature Christian, to be deep into the Word. But I am a marker, and my Bible should reflect that. I want to open my Bible and see the colors and markings of a well used, worn friend. Not marks meant only to lift me up or speak to me occasionally. And so, I am challenging myself to dig deeper, to search more thoroughly the wonderful gift God has given us in His Word. 
Thank you dear friend for sharing your marked up Bible with me.

Blessings ~Marla


  1. Great stuff, Marla! I strive each day to discover something new in the Word.

  2. Great insight, Marla! I have one of those marked up Bibles... some books are more marked up than others depending on what I was studying. But from time to time I like to pull out a Bible that I don't use as much so I can look at a clean page and see if there is anything different that stands out or speaks to me.

    Gotta keep digging!

  3. Today during my devotion time I dragged out the markers! What a difference it made! It helped me dig so much deeper! Powerful stuff!!