Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Travels: Millennium, Nassau, Bahamas

Ahhh, the Bahamas, our last port of call before returning to Florida. We had no excursions planned for this port. I had read about the Straw Market and we intended to visit it and just wander the town a little. It was Christmas day so most shops would be closed, but since we mostly window shop anyway that wasn't really an issue. As we entered into port we saw three small ships sailing in...perfect for Christmas morning!

I saw three ships come sailing in
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day;
I saw three ships come sailing in
On Christmas Day in the morning!

Upon leaving the ship we entered into a quiet little shopping mall that was closed to all but cruise passengers. Several of these shops were open and we enjoyed looking through them and I found my final souvenir in one. Throughout the cruise I had bought a Christmas ornament or decoration at each port we visited. I have continued that tradition as much as possible, but it is more difficult when not cruising during the Christmas season!
As soon as we left the port area we were inundated by people selling items or services! Hair braiding was the number one sales pitch. They even tried to get me to have mine my hair was pretty short at that point...I can't even imagine what that would have looked like! My DD fell prey to the sales pitch despite my worry of lice or the contracting of some other scalp disease! She was in college however, so I felt she probably didn't want my motherly advice at this point. She survived the experience without harm, but several dollars poorer, and hopefully a little wiser. I think the braids lasted maybe two days.

We pushed our way forward and made a beeline for the Straw Market. It was a singularly unpleasant experience. If you so much as glanced at a stall, the sales pitch started. Talk about your high pressure sales! They basically said if you did not buy from them then their children would not eat that night! Now this was a little hard to believe, since most of the women were tipping the scales at well over 200 lbs.! If their kiddo's weren't eating it was likely because mom was snarfing down all the food first! DS made the mistake of admiring a purse he thought his girlfriend might like. He couldn't escape, so I came to his rescue. The woman turned on me and demanded to know just who I thought I was? I retorted with, "His mother!" as I dragged him away from her clutches. Then a man had my arm and was placing a bracelet on it...I had to have DH help me get it off as he demanded money for it! We escaped the straw market area ASAP! Never, ever again would I step foot into there!

The rest of our little walking tour was uneventful. We saw some interesting little shops that would have been fun to look through if they had been open, as well as one warning of adding STD's to your Christmas present list! We returned to the ship for lunch and remained on-board until we left port. In all honesty Nassau is my least favorite port out of all that I have been too. Likely we will return and give it another try someday, but we will fill our day with excursions when we do.

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Bon Voyage ~Marla

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  1. oh my goodness, what an adventure!! Some day I would love to go on a cruise.