Saturday, October 1, 2011

Leader of the Pack

I love dogs. During my lifetime I have had only a few short times that I did not own a dog. I have owned Alaskan Malamutes that weighed over 100 lbs. and Chihuahua's that weighed 5 lbs. Dogs have simply always been a part of my life. As a child, and an adult for that matter, who grew up with severe self esteem issues and battled depression, my dogs gave me a comfort and solace that human companionship could not.

Because of the integral role dogs have played in my life, I am always a little surprised at how some people view their canine companions. See, dogs are pack animals, just like wolves. They do not want to be alone, it is simply not in their genetic code. They need a pack.

 As a dog owner, you become their pack. That carries a weight of responsibility, and yet many humans who own dogs simply don't grasp this concept or don't care. If you own a single dog and relegate it to your back yard and visit it once a are separating your dog from it's This is especially true of smaller dogs who have been bred specifically as human companions.

Last night at 2am I gave in and called the police about a barking dog. This was the first time I have ever done this, and I felt a little bad about it. But the poor pup had been yapping for over 2 hours and we simply couldn't sleep.

 I was fairly certain I knew which neighbor the dog belonged to, and since my son was the police officer to respond to the call, it was verified by him. A 5 month old Miniature Daschund who was left out alone all night. This poor pup simply wanted in from the lonely dark world to be with his people.

So this a gentle reminder...if you buy or adopt a dog, just remember...they will give you unconditional love, loyalty and acceptance. All they ask of you in return is to be part of the pack. Please enjoy the link below!


GoD and DoG

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