Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Travels: Rhapsody of the Seas Wrap Up

The memories of our cruise on the Rhapsody are some of my fondest. The crew was wonderful, and though the ship was one of the smallest we have cruised on, it remains a favorite. I am excited about the prospect of sailing on her again in 2013 on our Alaskan cruise.

The Royal Caribbean line fits my cruising style perfectly and we really enjoyed the activities on board. DD & I attended a Cocktail Seminar that wasn't quite what we expected, but very entertaining! 

DS was accosted on his way through the karaoke area and forced on stage...upon realizing he was tone deaf they brought DDIL up on stage to help. While the rest of us were not there to see it...we did enjoy the CD they burned for them greatly! I will never hear the song "Summer Lovin'" again without thinking of DS hitting the high note at the end of the song!

DD and I enjoyed art auctions with complimentary champagne. DH and DS played ping pong daily. DS entered a rock climbing contest, and despite it being his first attempt at the activity, snagged 2nd place behind a young Air Force Lieutenant. 

I learned a great deal about my DDIL...who was only dating my DS at the time. She was a riot! When they asked for volunteers at one of the shows, she was on her feet, hands in the air, yelling "Pick me, pick me!" Too funny! She also got this great pic of the entertainment after they waited for her to run down from the balcony to take it. I knew then that this little lady was a force to be reckoned with!

The Rhapsody really taught me how to enjoy my days at sea to the fullest. I will tell you from personal experience that bigger is not always better when it comes to cruise ships. The Rhapsody packed a big punch in it's smaller size. For reference, below is the size in tonnage and passengers (not including crew) of the ships we have sailed or have plans to sail.

Celebrity Millennium ~ 2004             91K tons   1,950 passengers   999 crew
RC Rhapsody of the Seas ~ 2007     78K tons   1,998 passengers   765 crew
RC Grandeur of the Seas ~ 2010      74K tons   1,950 passengers   760 crew
RC Voyager of the Seas ~ 2011       137K tons  3,114 passengers   1,180 crew 
RC Adventure of the Seas (2012)     137K tons  3,114 passengers   1,180 crew
RC Jewel of the Seas (2013)            90K tons   2,112 passengers   842 crew   
RC Rhapsody of the Seas (2013)

Out of all the Royal Caribbean ships, Rhapsody probably had the best all around service. However, size is not necessarily what makes this you will see in my next Thursday Travels, as I introduce you to Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas.

Bon voyage! ~Marla

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