Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Hand of God

There is a line from the movie Twister that comes to mind when I see the videos of the massive tornado that destroyed 30% of Joplin, Missouri. They are discussing the Fujita Scale and what this means. When they get to the F-5 category it is described as "The Finger of God." Rather a chilling description. For those not familiar with the newer Enhanced Fujita Scale, the tornado in Joplin was rated as a high end EF-4. Winds were estimated up to 198mph. At 201mph it would have been an EF-5. Regardless of rating, the impact on, and loss of human life and property is staggering. As of 10:00am today, the death toll was at 118, and is expected to rise. Adding to that news, is that here in south central Kansas the TORCON (Tornado Condition Index) is a whopping 9 out of 10 for today. This means that in any 50 miles radius in this area, there is a 90% chance of a tornado developing. I think I'll make sure that anything I value is in the basement today!

So where does the "Hand of God" enter this picture? In each and every person here in the Midwest/Great Plains area and beyond who has began collecting supplies, donating items, money, or blood. People who have began loading vehicles with items and dropping them off at supply distribution centers. We are the hand of God, or at least we should be. I wanted to show just an example of what can be done. My niece and her friends, upon hearing of the disaster, began immediately going to work. They went and purchased supplies to make hygiene kits to send to Joplin. I have posted some of the pictures that my niece took.
I plan to make some kits of my own to send either with them or to another place accepting donations. I encourage all my area friends to do the same. Get your kids or grandkids involved. Even little hands can be the hand of God!

God Bless ~Marla

Donation Ideas
Hand Sanitizer
Non-Latex Gloves
Bottled Water
Bottled Sport Drinks
Energy Bars
Baby Wipes
Pull Ups
Ready Made Formula
Blankets - All Sizes
Batteries - All Sizes


  1. Wow...the finger of God. I have never heard a tornado described like that before. I think those hygiene kits are fantastic idea. My prayers go out to all of those affected in Joplin. And may God bless all of you who are sending help.

  2. Since I wrote this they upgraded the Joplin tornado to an EF-5.

  3. If you end up with any kits, we would gladly take them. We plan on heading out Saturday afternoon. The hand of God...I love that!