Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Improvement

I am finding myself in an unfortunate quandary. Now that I am at home full time I am bothered more by all the home improvement projects that need to be done. On the other hand, the money to do something about them is limited. Add to that fact that my husband would rather have a root canal than work on a DIY project, and it really becomes an issue! 

Yesterday we did finish up one small project. I had started painting the dining room. Painting is something I can do in small spurts and I can change position frequently. It takes me a little longer with my many breaks, but I can get it done. As we have a tray style ceiling in our dining room we painted it the same color as the wall. Or I should say my husband did. I sat on a chair pointing out all the places he missed ;) We had to remove the ceiling fan to paint and had decided to replace the 30 year old fan with a new one. Oh boy.

Now, let me point out that we have been together longer than the life of that old fan. But projects like this are not the reason why. The first thing I noticed was my son fleeing the house with his fiancĂ© in tow. Chicken! The second was the constant low grumblings of my husband. Upon listening quite carefully I could make out, “You know I hate doing these types of things”, being repeated like a mantra under his breath. My job was to read the directions and keep him informed of the next step. No problem!

I will say I rather enjoy putting things together. Following the directions is just like following a recipe!.....My husband does not like to cook. Now, lest you think I am slamming his ability, I am not. I am simply saying he does not enjoy these things. It can make for a stressful time, especially when you are on a ladder, juggling a fan motor, in low light conditions. My husband is a godly man who doesn’t swear. Otherwise I’m sure a stream of curse words would have been swirling about the room!

The end result is a beautiful new fan and lights and a freshly painted room! Our son and his fiancé returned with impeccable timing! Just as my husband was moving the dining room table back into place. As I talked later with my future daughter-in-law, she stated that my son has the same aversion to DIY projects as my husband. Apparently it is a genetic condition. Lucky girl!

Have a great one! ~Marla


  1. My husband has it too! He hates projects. Good thing he loves painting because so far that is the only big project that is complete. Now to replace the ceiling fans :-)

  2. You said, "Now, lest you think I am slamming his ability, I am not. I am simply saying he does not enjoy these things." I love how you say things like this but fail to mention the crash we heard later that night caused by something falling off the wall that he had installed the same day. LOL! Such a good wife to leave that out. :-)

  3. Jenny! Shhhhh! The male ego is a fragile thing ;)