Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who Am I?

Last night I joined a blogging community. All was going well until I had to categorize my blog. There were several nice little labels: Inspirational, Fashion, Photography, Parenting, Crafts, Food, Life, Funny, Random. Well that made me pause and think.....what exactly is my blog about? Funny, it started out one direction and then sort of grew wings and flew its own way. Like the little butterfly on my blog badge, I flit from one topic to the next. I don't know if this is a bad thing.....probably just my ADD shining through. So I decided to list it under several different groups (thank goodness you can do that, or I would have been up all night trying to decide where it fit best!).
This got me thinking about labels in general. If I had to put a label on myself, what would it be? I think many people who think they know me would be surprised. Who I am changes from day to day and even moment to moment. It depends on the setting I am in, the people I am around, the mood I am in. 
I am an introvert with confidence issues.....I am an extrovert who is extremely confident. I am friendly......I am aloof. I am quiet and avoid conversation.....I love to talk and will talk forever given the chance. I am shy and avoid the limelight...I love to tell a funny story and have everyone laughing. I am loyal and forgiving....until you hurt or attack my children or family. I am trusting......I am afraid of being hurt. I am lazy.....I am energetic. I am selfish.....I am giving. I am a follower of Christ......sometimes I don't act like one.
Labels have their place, but we need to be careful when we start applying them to people. The outgoing person in the corner, talking to a couple of good friends? They may not be snubbing you when they ignore you. They may be afraid that you won't accept them. The person you hurt in the past may not be holding a grudge. They may just be afraid of being hurt again.
So the next time you think you have someone all figured out....look again. You may find someone worth knowing hiding inside.

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