Friday, May 27, 2011

A Time to Remember

Up in the attic
Down on my knees
Lifetimes of boxes
Timeless to me
Letters and photographs
Yellowed with years
Some bringing laughter
Some bringing tears 

Memorial Day. A time to remember. My husband and I decorate graves on Memorial Day weekend. We usually start on Friday with our parents graves. It means a lot to us to take a moment out of our busy schedule and pay tribute to those who came before us. 
My father died 15 years ago. My mother-in-law 12 years ago. My own mother, 7 years ago. Decorating the graves is a bittersweet time. The pain of loss is still there, though tempered by the passage of time. But the overwhelming love hasn't changed at all. The sweetness of it is almost more than I can bear. These wonderful people, who sacrificed, nurtured and protected us. Rubbed and kissed our boo-boos. Worked long hours to put food on the table. Comforted us during difficult times. They are without a doubt my heroes.

And so we honor their memory with beautiful flowers placed upon a grave that bears their name. A day of remembering, a lifetime of love.

Time never changes
The memories, the faces
Of loved ones, who bring to me
All that I come from
And all that I live for
And all that I'm going to be
My precious family
Is more than an heirloom to me


Lyrics are from the song "Heirlooms"

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