Monday, May 2, 2011

Should We Celebrate?

I have had a lot on my mind since the news came out last night. I am sure you know the news I am talking about. USA public enemy #1, top of the FBI's most wanted list. Osama bin Laden. When the news broke last night, I felt relief. A very dangerous man was no longer a threat. I felt pride. Pride in our government and military for not losing faith, for continuing to pursue a man that many thought would never be found. I felt empathy for the survivors and families of those involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks that bin Laden claimed to have masterminded. What I did not feel was joy, or even happiness. I wondered about that. I watched the reports and saw the obvious jubilation that many Americans expressed. I wondered, why don't I feel that? Is it because I am older than many of those celebrating? Perhaps they are more patriotic than I am? No, those were not the answers. So I thought about it. The best analogy of what this represents for me is the death of a rabid dog. I love dogs. But when a dog becomes vicious it must be put down. I would take no joy in seeing a rabid dog killed, but I would know it must be done. That is the only way we can protect ourselves. I see this in the same light. However, the problem remains. He had already infected many others with his diseased way of thinking. Many other rabid dogs are out there, ready to take on the position of pack leader. His death at US hands was not about extracting justice. I have no doubt his judgement by God is at hand. But that would have occurred even if he had died of natural causes. His death was about ridding the world of at least one very dangerous person. I have taken a quote from a friends Facebook page today. I do not know the author, but it was so eloquently stated that I wanted to use it here.

"A man dying apart from a saving knowledge of God is not cause for celebration. No matter how much evil a man did, dying apart from God is always a cause for mourning."

So I cannot find it in myself to celebrate his death. But it had to be done, and I am very proud of those who have put themselves in harms way, those who have been injured and those who have sacrificed their very lives to put down this menace and make my world just a little safer.


  1. Yes, Marla! YES!

  2. Great post, Marla!

    I didn't feel joyful or sad over this death. Just relief. I thought of my cousin and his two tours to Iraq and two to Afghanistan. My hope is that this marks the beginning of our troops pulling out of this area.

    It is sad when any non believer dies. But I have to admit my family celebrated my grandfather's home-going!! He had suffered long and we were all at peace knowing that he was finally out of pain and in the presence of the Lord.

  3. I heard something similar that has really stuck with me. "As a Christian, we should never delight in the death of someone that didn't know God."