Friday, April 8, 2011

Finding the Rainbow in the Middle of the Storm

There are days when words are not enough. Prayer is the only help, and sometimes, that plea is wordless as well. Dear friends of mine lost a grandchild two nights ago. A sweet 9 year old girl died in a very tragic way. How do we make sense of that? My own nephew died suddenly at the age of 8 years old. To this day that remains the most painful, difficult loss I have ever experienced. More than the loss of my own parents. How do we cope, survive, such an unfair, horrible event? When we are in such pain that we cannot even articulate a prayer to God? Perhaps, just perhaps, we may even be angry at Him, only able to shout the words, "WHY? HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?" Thank God that He is never changing. That He holds us, and calms us, even as we rant against Him in our grief. That He reads our heart, so that no words are necessary. Over time, soon for some, longer for others, God helps us to see that rainbow, peeking through the clouds of our pain & suffering. We start to realize that our child wasn't taken. He or she was chosen. Chosen to bypass the pain of this world. Chosen to spend eternity with God. Chosen to have every teardrop & physical limitation wiped away. And so, now they wait for us, and we grow through the pain, leaning on the Lord. Knowing that while we will never match their innocence, that through the grace & mercy of God & His Son, we will be found worthy to be with them again one day. ~Marla


  1. Beautifully said. Just what I needed as we head to a Memorial Service today for another life gone too soon.

  2. Chosen over taken... I like that. With that in mind we can grieve with hope and assurance that all will be well in Him.