Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Is the Day!

This morning was difficult. We attended the funeral of a child. After sitting in a pew for an hour and a half, my back was killing me. After arriving home and changing I was so close to just climbing into bed, pulling up the covers and sleeping away the afternoon. It would have been so easy. And who could blame me, right? When you feel bad, physically or emotionally, isn't sleep an easy way out? But then I looked outside, saw the flowers blooming in my yard, the birds flitting about, the sun shining, and thought....no....God provided this beautiful day, I'm going to make the most of it. Even if that is just sitting in the sun listening to His sights and sounds. And then the following song came to mind. This is not a song many people know, but it is one that I hold close to my heart and cherish. This was one of my nephew's favorite songs.....he loved all the songs from Agapeland's Bullfrogs and Butterflies collection. This song, however, is especially precious to me because it was played at his funeral. He was eight years old when he died suddenly from Reye's Syndrome. So this morning was dufficult. Another little casket. Another family drowning in grief. Another Pastor trying to comfort, but having never experienced the loss of a child, unable to truly relate. So today I wanted to share this special song. The song that reminded me that if I sleep away this day I will never get it back. The song that constantly reminds me that God walks with me, even on days when the walking is slow and labored. God Bless ~Marla
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This Is The Day

This is the day that the Lord has made
Not like tomorrow or yesterday
He made today in a special way
So let's all sing and be glad

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