Monday, April 18, 2011

Passing the Torch

Are you a control freak? I am! I freely admit it. I like to plan. I like to make sure everything is exactly how I like it. Anyone who has been around me as I plan a vacation already knows this! I will have every detail carefully planned. The odd part is, that if things don't go exactly as I planned, I actually have a pretty good attitude about it. Go figure. Well, the other thing I spend time obsessing over are holidays...Thanksgiving in particular. I love hosting Thanksgiving at my house....mostly because I am particular about the food and even the table settings! However, some holidays I am a bit more flexible, so when my daughter offered to have Easter at her place.....I was thrilled. This is the first family holiday she has hosted, and since it is generally just immediate family, her smaller home will work just fine. I am still in charge of the ham, which is just fine, but she gets to do the house cleaning leading up to the dinner, which is even better. Even my son is in charge of bringing some food! So, this got me thinking about the passing of that torch. The one that really brings home that your kids are all grown up. As a mom, one of my main jobs was to provide nourishment for my children. Another was to instill family traditions. As they marry and begin their own families, a shift occurs. Their world no longer revolves around the same sun. Instead that original sun becomes a little satellite, which they pull into their orbit occasionally. Some moms handle this better than others. Myself? I'm working on that concept and trying to embrace it......just don't touch Thanksgiving, it's mine ;)


  1. I'll have you know the whole house is officially picked up, dishes & laundry done and half dusted. Just need to finish dusting, vacuum, sweep, & mop and we should be good to go! :-)