Friday, April 15, 2011

A Whole New World!

These past two weeks have been a revelation to me! I had no idea how many free or greatly discounted items are out there! Just to name the items I can think of off the top of my head:
Free Redbook Subscription (1 yr)
Free Good Housekeeping Subscription (1 yr)
Full yr of Family Circle $3.67
Full yr of Taste of Home $3.67
Free small lotion from Bath & Body Works
4 cans of free cat food
2 free samples of coffee
Free samples of Miracle Whip
2 free Kraft cheeses, regular size
Several free shampoo samples
2 free reusable shopping bags & I'm hoping to score a 3rd at Target on the 17th
Free travel sz deodorant
Several free lotion samples
Free pet toy
Free small can of Valspar paint
Free printer paper

There are more, but I am tired of trying to remember them. They have started showing up in my's a little like Christmas! On top of these are the great coupon deals. Yes, I have actually made money off buying a few products, not a lot, but when I can make 50 cents just to take an item from the store, that makes me pretty happy! My goal is to get at least one free item a day and a 25% reduction in my total grocery bill. I was almost there with my grocery bill last week. I was $3 over budget and my husband was giving me a hard time about it......until he confessed he had thrown in a $3 bag of sunflower seeds! Today when we go to the store I will watch my cart more carefully! 
Have a great one! ~Marla

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