Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unconditional Love

In an earlier post I used the term "unconditional love." I realize now that I used this term in a very limited context. I am not sure true unconditional love is something that you or I can profess to show. I love my family, and many of them I believe I would continue to love no matter the circumstances. So yes, I may show unconditional love in those very limited circumstances. But, what if.....? You can probably fill in the blank here. We all read the headlines. Mother drives car into lake killing her children. Son goes on murderous rampage, killing entire family. Hmm. Makes unconditional a little more difficult, doesn't it? Wait! My family members are good people and would never do such a thing! So, of course I can love them unconditionally! Well, that right there makes it conditional, doesn't it? I believe I would do anything for my children. Bus bearing down on them? Of course I would push them out of the way, sacrificing myself. But what if that bus was bearing down on the guy who had just robbed me at gunpoint? Would I sacrifice myself for him? Not on your life! 
But there is One who shows unconditional love. One who loves us no matter what atrocities we commit. One who was willing to send His Son to this measly little planet. One who was willing to suffer and die for the very people who nailed Him onto that cross and spit into the face of God Himself. He offers unconditional love to anyone willing to accept it. An unconditional love that we can only poorly emulate. Will you accept it?

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