Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Am I Doing This?

I debated about starting this blog. I really don't have a grand purpose or such a fascinating life that people will rush to read what my latest thought might be. But, honestly, I thought it might be good for me to do a little journaling, and at the same time perhaps get some tips from others whose lives have been turned upside down by job loss or disability. I am still processing my situation, yet the changes I feel are necessary cannot wait. I admit, I rarely use coupons. I shop at Dillons for all my groceries. When I want something I buy it. And with the exception of the Christmas season, I rarely look at the sales circulars. With the loss of 1/3 of our household income this is going to have to change. I'm eager for any input. I spent 1/2 hour today reading on how to clean with vinegar! Let the squeezing of those lemons begin!


  1. Looking forward to following you on this journey... joy & blessings to you!


  2. So, my friend Dana has already given me some great advice! I had no idea you could download coupons onto your Dillons Plus Card! Awesome!

  3. Found a link for a free sample of popcorn: